Unlock your full potential and create radiological reports more productively

Prepare reports in web browser, on PC, tablet or smartphone and put them into healthcare IT systems

In spite of a huge advancement in technology, creating radiological reports is still non-automated task.

It is easy to make a mistake
Doctors write the same phrases many times-it's a waste of time
When creating in comparison with a previous one most of the work is done in a copy-paste manner so it is more probable to skip an organ in pathological condition
Radiological reports are created in a non-standardised way so each radiologist creates them differently. Doctors who then get those documents have to waste time looking for pieces of information they want to know
Calculating RECIST 1.1 requires rewriting of measurements data to calculators or other software which increases a risk of a mistake and is a waste of time

Most of the radiologists create radiological reports in the following way:

UpMedic allows radiologists to create radiological reports easily and quickly

Quick selection of desired organ properties
Decreased risk of error
Available on all modern devices with internet access: Windows, OSX, iOS, Windows Mobile, Android
Software which is tailored to your needs
Calculating RECIST 1.1 is done automatically based on text of the reports
Reports can be exported to pdf files or sent via email
Reports can be compared easily
Radiologists can create their own templates or use some predefined lists of organ properties
Creating radiological reports is THREE times faster
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Radiologists who have already trusted us create their reports in the following way:

Radiologists who have already trusted us create their reports in the following way:

You deserve so much more!

We know that your professional knowledge in the field of radiology is priceless but you have to waste so much time on tedious tasks like typing on keyboard or correcting typos. Our software is tailored to your needs and will allow you to use your full potential

Help more patients

How many more people can you help when you do not have to fight with computer software which was not designed for radiologists so functions you need the most are hidden or not available at all?


You are the one who controls what is stored and you can erase anything anytime. Reports created using our application are formally treated as drafts when no digital signature is present.

Our software runs on all modern devices!